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I mostly upload Tsuyoshi's concerts and events but i might upload Koichi and Kinki's too in the future. I love koichi just as much as Tsuyoshi, who can resist him?? He is too cute and handsome XD I watched his concert and really interested with SHOCK, he is as amazing and talented as Tsuyoshi.

Kinki Kids - 3days Panic! at Tokyo Dome 98-99
Kinki Kids - Return Con (2001)
KinKi Kids - [DVD] 10 YOUR FAVORITE SONGS at LIVE (from 39 Album)
KinKi Kids - [Blu-ray] KinKi Kids King Concert 2011-2012
KinKi Kids - [Blu-ray] KinKi Kids Party!~ありがとう20年~ DIGEST
KinKi Kids - [Blu-ray] MTV Unplugged (2018)
244 Endli - I and AI (not full concert)
Domoto Tsuyoshi - Heianyuki (2011)
Domoto Tsuyoshi - Shamanippon - Rakachi no Tohi (2012)
Domoto Tsuyoshi - Heian Funk LIVE (2013)
Domoto Tsuyoshi - KABA Premium Event
Domoto Tsuyoshi - KABA Channel
Domoto Tsuyoshi - TU FUNK TOUR 2015
Endlicheri☆Endlicheri - ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI Documentary
Endlicheri☆Endlicheri - FUNKY WHITE DRAGON (2007)

I will f-lock concert & event posts after 2 weeks, other than that i also upload Domoto Kyoudai and Soujiki Shindoi episodes which i find interesting but the posts will remain open.
Feel free to add me if you want to download Concerts & Events :))
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Domoto Kyoudai Masterpost here *updated 2016.02.05
Shoujiki Shindoi Masterpost here *updated 2016.02.07
Kinki Kids Donnamonya! Masterpost here *updated 2016.03.21

.Album/Single, PV & Making.
Kinki Kids - Solitude - Hontou ni Sayonara~ (2002)
Kinki Kids - TIME (2011)
KinKi Kids - THE BEST ALBUM (2017)
Domoto Tsuyoshi - SHAMANIPPON - Roi no Chinoi (2014)
Domoto Tsuyoshi - TU ALBUM (2015)
Domoto Tsuyoshi's song for Momoclo - Momoiro Sora (2016)

.Movie/Drama & Making.
[KinKi Kids] - Bokura no Yuuki Miman City - Making & Interview (2017)
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